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Welcome to Dewey's Custom Pegs...Made in the USA Billet Aluminum Footpegs, Billet Handgrips. Billet "Heel Hammer" shift levers and Billet Aluminum"Rammer" Air Cleaner Covers. I've been riding it seems forever and because I'm a big guy with boots to match I could never find footpegs that fit my feet, so I made my own that are a full one inch longer than stock so I could move my feet around a little for a better position on long rides. I started making pegs for other riders I'd meet along the way and now custom builders all over the world and people who have just bought a new bike put on a set of Dewey's Custom Pegs before they even hit the road because the pegs look great and they make riding more enjoyable. I keep looking for more performance to push my weight down the road and found out that by trimming and unshrouding the air filter cover on my bike I picked up three free horsepower! The only problem was that taking a set of tin snips to my cover wasn't the most elegant solution, so I took a big chunk of 6061 T-6 aluminum and made a billet cover that I polished to perfection. The word got out on the covers that they work and that they were beautiful, so now I'm carving out custom billet "Rammer" air cleaner covers that fit Screaming Eagle or Mikuni filters. Both the footpegs and the covers are available in polished aluminum or chrome finishes.

All parts are made in the USA by Dewey himself and are fully guaranteed to be perfect. The bike pictured above is a 120 Inch Merch in a Kenny Boyce frame and a RB Racing LSR 2-1 2" pipe. My newest bike is a 95 Inch TC88 FXD Dyna that I've got working pretty well and have some new parts for. I'll get some pictures of my Dyna up if things slow down a bit.

New from Dewey's
150 Plus HP V-Twin Salt and Pepper Shakers

Put some spice in your life with Dewey's 150 HP Plus V-Twin 4" Salt and Pepper Shakers. These 4 inch tall V-Twins shake just like an old Harley. Dewey's Shakers are machined on a CNC lathe and milled out of a block of 6061 T-6 Billet aircraft type Aluminum. They have a smooth machined finish which makes them very easy to polish out. One jug holds the pepper and the other holds the salt. This is the perfect gift for the V-Twin aficionado. $55.00, FREE SHIPPING!

"Get a Grip" Handgrips

You have been asking for matching billet handgrips to go along with your Dewey's Pegs. I've had fantastic response to these new custom parts. Machined from a solid bar of 6061-T6 aluminum on a CNC lathe, triple plate show chromed, these custom grips have an aggressive "Knarly-Knurl" so your hands won't slip under hard acceleration. As with our famous footpegs, lifetime replacement of rubber bands is free. $130.00 the pair, Triple Plate Show Chromed.


What a difference one inch makes! These pegs are a full inch longer than stock length (including most aftermarket pegs). They are perfect for you if you're running a larger than stock carb and need to have a better foot position. The pegs are machined and finished from 6061 T-6 aluminum and hand polished to a chrome like finish. The concave ends lend a unique custom look. Guaranteed for life, and free replacement of rubber cushion bands is always available upon request. Matching shifter pegs (smooth or knurled) are also available.

"Rammer" Air Cleaner Covers

I make three basic styles of 6061 T-6 Billet covers that fit either the Screaming Eagle or Mikuni 40-42-45mm Air Filters. They also fit over a stock cover! Pictured at the top left is what I call "smooth". The second picture from the top is my "Radius" style cover. The bottom picture is an example of a "Ball Milled" cover that I machine with a round ball mill some logo in the cover such as "80 CUBIC INCH" or "120 CUBIC INCH". These covers are machined from soild bar stock and are polished to perfection. For extra cost the covers are available in a show chrome triple plate finish. Go to my tech page for an explanation on how these covers work to free up some horsepower on your scooter.

Evo Rammer Air Cleaner Covers

New TC88 Rammer Air Cleaner Cover

112 HP and 109 Lbs. Tq. SAE, Stock Harley Davidson heads ported by DEWEY

"Radius" Twin Cam 88 Rammer shown above. Extra horsepower and beauty in a clean, simple, modification. Get rid of that stock "flyin' Football" that not only covers up your stock motor but actually draws in hot power robbing air! Pick up 9 extra horsepower and 4 ft. lbs. torque as tested by Hot Rod Bikes magazine.

This new Twin Cam 88 Cover fits the Screaming Eagle Air Filter,or Arlen Ness Big Sucker for the new motor. Smooth (left, above), Super Smooth (right, above), Radius (top photo),. Covers are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and are available in polished or chrome finish.

Hot Bike Magazine feature showing one of my "Rammer" Air Cleaner Covers. Everything I make is show quality.

Factory filter (left), Zipper's Upgrade (right), on EFI unit. Filter shown on bike with Dewey's Rammer air cleaner cover.

New ZIPPER’S Filter Upgrade Kit for TC88

Zipper's upgrade kit includes a specially designed, pleated fabric filter that is 5/8” deeper than the factory performance filter it is designed to replace. With more surface area, more airflow is achieved (9+%!), more power is the result.Zipper's filter 320.8 CFM and S.E. 287.7 CFM as tested by K-N. The kit includes our exclusive washable filter and mounting hardware.

"Heel Hammer" Shift Levers (patent pending)

No more scuffing of your shoes. Simply push down with your heel to upshift or push down with your toe to downshift! I have a 95 Inch 2002 TC88 FXD and with my big feet and long legs I needed a better solution for my daily driving. I ride a lot and with this new set up it's like having a speed shifting automatic transmission.

I machine the "Heel Hammer" out of billet 6061 T-6 and offer them in a triple plate show chrome or polished finish. I'm making these for forward control Dynas. They also will fit some Softail applications.

The first time I stopped by my local dealer, Four Corners Harley-Davidson, customers were all over my bike wanting to try the shifter. Since I had ported my 95" bike and it makes 112.23 hp and 108.81 pounds of torque people wanted to know what the hell I had done to the bike as well as wanting a "Heel Hammer" for their bike. I'm a big guy and I just want my bike to work better...probably a situation we all find ourselves in.

Dewey' TC88 Porting Service

If you want Dewey's Head Porting go to

Read The Article On Dewey's Hi-Performance Porting Service Here!

View the "Dynos" page to see the kind of power a set of "Dewey's heads" can produce!

The first thing I found out about my 2002 TC88 FXD was that it lacked I turned it into a 95 Incher. Result...more torque but not much more power. The hold up was the cylinder heads. Harley made the exhaust port so small that it was choking off things. It wasn't the exhaust valve size, but the exhaust port itself that was choking the bike off. Harley may be trying to keep things hot for emissions purposes, or I got out the mill and the hand porting tools to open things up a bit. The results were spectacular! I picked up over 30 changing cams and a few other things. People asked me to do the same for their bikes and I've come up with two combinations:

"Street Port": Ports remain essentially the stock size and diameter to keep the torque high. If the customer wants the horsepower increased at higher rpms, I open up the ports more. Valves are replaced with Manley Race Master SS valves: Inlet 1.840"; Exhaust 1.565". Andrews Titanium spring collars are used with stock springs and keepers and H-D valve seals. Heads are milled .030". Combustion chambers are 80cc which gives a 9.8:1 static compression ratio. Dynamic compression ratio is 9.0:1 with an Andrews #26 cam. New Valve job with the valves lapped into place. Included is a Cometic .030" head gasket for a better squish band. OEM pistons are good for .510" lift.

"Pro-Street Port": Ferrea {modified} valves: Inlet 1.900"; Exhaust 1.565". Andrews Titanium upper spring collars and high lift springs with cams to .590" lift. Exhaust port is bored .100" oversize. Intake and Exhaust ports are shaped and blended. Guides are shortened and radiused. Valve seats are four angle cut and radiused. Deck is milled .040" to .060" for desired compression ratio. Combustion chambers are belnded and cc'd to match. Complete with .030" Cometic head gasket.

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Billet Ash Trays

Each Ash Tray is hand machined by Dewey himself on a manual lathe. Tell the diameter you would like: 4", 6", 8" and if you want grooves, radius, knurl, etc. If you do not have a preference, I will put a piece of 6061-T6 aluminum in the lathe and see what comes out. Guaranteed no two are alike. $80.00 and up.